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Set up can be done over the phone. It’s as simple as that! Please note payment is expected prior to service. We accept cash, check and debit/credit cards.

Our cans are 95 gal. Cans are delivered free of charge when you sign up for our service.

Varying pickup times could be based on a few different reasons. 1) New customers added can change the driver routes, so your pickup time may be later. 2) Weather can play a factor, especially in the winter months. 3) Possible truck issues can delay the pickup time. We strive to provide excellent service, if we experience any truck issues, we will pick up your trash by the end of the day. See our Facebook page for updates.
***Important – Please have your cans OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled pickup day.

The only Holidays we are closed are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Trash collection will be on the following day after the Holiday. Check our Facebook page or call (931) 267-0544 with any questions regarding our holiday pickup or office hours schedule.

Additional charges will occur for excessive garbage that will not fit in your can. We offer a low rate and in order for us to keep our prices low, we ask that you spread it out over the next few weeks in your can. If you have more than that, please contact our office to arrange special pick-up. (Additional charges for special pickups – pricing will vary depending on the amount and the weight of trash.)

Tires, oil products, hazardous chemicals, and wet paint (dry paint lids are okay).

Tires, oil products, hazardous chemicals, and wet paint (dry paint lids are okay).

Selk Sanitation offers exceptional service and no contracts for residential and commercial waste services.

Selk Sanitation is a locally-owned company, with local employees and a commitment to serving Crossville and Cumberland County. We don’t have high overhead or corporate restrictions, so we’re able to offer you the best possible prices for affordable waste service.

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